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The Advantages of Virtual Tours and 360 Virtual Staging

Imagine you're the one showing your property to a potential buyer. What if you could do it from a distance?

If you're in the real estate industry, then you are no stranger to the popularity of virtual tours. Virtual tours are great for clients to get a better understanding of the property before coming in person and can be used to show off design features. 

But, Can virtual tours get even better?

And the answer is, YES!

Virtual Tours are perfect for showing off the interior and exterior of a property, but they are missing one key ingredient - virtual staging!  With 360 virtual staging, real estate agents can use 360 images to show off their listing and give customers a full 3D view of how furniture would look in each room. This way, they can see what their new home might look like with furniture or other items before they make the purchase.

360 virtual staging is perfect for property owners, real estate agents, interior designers and whoever interested in selling faster and for a higher price with a professional look!

360 Virtual Staging is $39 per image and free revisions are included!

Did you know?

We also offer professional 360 photography for your virtual tours to get the best images out of your property!

Email us today to hello@vshmedia.com and we will assist you with the entire process!  

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