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5 Virtual Staging Tips That Will Make Your Home Look Irresistible

5 Virtual Staging Tips That Will Make Your Home Look Irresistible

Virtual staging is one of the best ways to attract more buyers and close the sale of your home. Many real estate agents use this tool to show their audience the potential of their home. Of course, you can use this tool too. 

However, if you don’t know where to start, here are five virtual staging tips that will help your home look more beautiful. 

  1. Focus On The Angles 

When virtually staging a home, try to get as much of the room as you possibly can in a picture. After all, you want potential buyers to see the entire room and what it offers. Make sure that you also include prominent features of the room such as:

  • Fireplaces
  • Shelving
  • Windows
  • And much more

The angle should be such that the entire room and its features can be seen virtually. Doing this is vital because your buyers need to have the full picture of the home.

  1. Don’t Bring Clutter 

The primary aim of virtual staging is to include furniture and décor in the home so buyers can see its potential. That is why you should never add unnecessary distractions or clutter to the rooms. For example, any toys, extra decorations, or furniture should not be added. 

You can keep the room as empty as possible so a virtual staging professional can work their magic. Think of the pictures as a blank canvas that the professional will work with. 

But, what if the room is furnished?  No problem! Our furnisher replacement service can easily remove all the unnecessary object and furniture and stage the empty room! 

  1. Take High-Quality Pictures

If you want your home to look real and the best, you should take high-resolution pictures. Many people take poor-quality photos that end up looking unrealistic. If you do this, you will lose potential customers as they will not trust what your home looks like. 

Virtual staging experts suggest you should use a digital single-lens reflex camera and shoot pictures in a RAW file format. Doing so will provide the editors to create a realistic-looking space. 

  1. Keep The Lights On 

Even if there is a lot of natural light coming in, you should still keep all the lights on. It will provide your pictures with a more warm and natural look. Doing so will make the work of virtual staging editors easier. 

They will be able to deal with shadows efficiently and make every room look realistic when adding virtual items. So, when you are taking your pictures, make sure all lights are on. 

  1. Take Pictures During The Golden Hour 

Golden hour is the ideal time to take the best pictures. It is the last hour before the sun sets, and it is the first hour after the sun rises. Of course, the time can change depending on the season. 

So, before taking pictures of your home, you should keep the golden hour in mind and work around it. The images will turn out to be more realistic and beautiful if you shoot during this time. 

Final Words 

These are the top five tips you need to know when virtual staging a home. Once you take amazing pictures, you should choose a professional to edit your home. After they are done, your property will look irresistible and sell in no time. 

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