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The Best Way to Virtually Stage a Multifunctional Space

The Best Way to Virtually Stage a Multifunctional Space

When you have a property in your real estate listing, there are many things that you can do with it. Not every space needs to be converted into a home or an office – there are many properties that could easily become commercial buildings, co-working spaces, beauty salons, or even restaurants and coffeehouses. Like we said, the possibilities are endless. 

With a multifunctional space, the smartest thing that a realtor can do is to virtually stage it in various ways. The worst thing you could do for a multifunctional space is to lose a potential buyer only because the function you display is not the one the buyer is looking for. The main purpose of choosing virtual staging instead of traditional staging is to showcase the different ways in which a property can be used, without having to invest too much time or money into the process. 

When you use virtual staging for multifunctional spaces, you can attract a wide range of potential buyers in the market. Before you go ahead and start designing, here are a few important things to consider:

Do Professional Photography

If you really want to virtually stage a property in various ways, then the first thing you need is high-resolution photographs of the space. This means that your photos should not have any sun glare or harsh lighting and should be taken from the right angles that display key parts of the room. Professional photography for virtual staging will also require you to have pictures of the same room from multiple angles to showcase the various ways in which the place could be used.

Have Different Looks

When virtually staging a multifunctional space, it is advised to opt for different styles for each staging. This will allow clients to look at the variability of the space in an effective manner. If you are virtually staging an office, for example, then you can have a start-up that includes homey furniture such as wood accents, natural lighting, and indoor plants. 

If you want to opt for specific looks, then you can get inspiration from design ideas such as Scandinavian or Modern looks. It is also important to follow a specific aesthetic and color palette for each room to ensure that the virtually staged space looks attractive. 

Have an Honest Approach

As you use virtual staging for a multifunctional space, it is important to inform your clients directly. Remember that any client would appreciate your honesty far more than being deceived into believing that the photos are what the property actually looks like. 

Even though virtual staging for multifunctional spaces is the most effective method of marketing, it is important to remain honest with your clients to create a loyal consumer base in the future. 

Give Relevant Suggestions

When you virtually stage a multifunctional space, you will need to keep things like zoning regulations and permits in mind. There is no point of virtually staging a restaurant for a commercial space that could not acquire a zoning approval. Before you determine the different ways in which you represent the multifunctional space, remember to consider important space limitations, legal regulations, and the relevant target audience in the area. 

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