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Tips For The Best Photo Shoot

You need to make it look clean and neat. It's important to think about the way you are going to organize the furniture and other décor in the room, as this will play a big role in how your photos turn out. Great images plus the VSH Media virtual services will turn into a listing that makes the difference!

The first step is to take everything off of shelves or out of cabinets. This includes knick-knacks, pictures, and anything else that might clutter up the space and distract from your subject. The second step is to vacuum or sweep any flooring surfaces so that they are free of dust, hair, or other particles that can get captured on film. The third step is to position furniture appropriately so that the room has as much natural light as possible coming through windows or skylights.  Virtual furniture replacement can do the rest with the undesired objects that you don´t want to have on your images but you cannot remove physically!

Finally, choosing the right photographer is also important to captivate the essence of a property.  A professional photographer with experience in the Real Estate industry can make the difference! At VSH Media we also offer Professional Photography Services for your shoot.

Are you ready to give the next step and put your house on the market in a professional way? Email us to hello@vshmedia.com or visit www.vshmedia.com to know more about all our services available!


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