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Virtual Renovation: Is it Worth It?

Virtual Renovation: Is it Worth It?

Realtors and home sellers know how quality photographs can help sell a property effectively. As a matter of fact, pictures are the first factor that entice buyers to check the listing. That is why including high-quality pictures of rooms and other parts of the house is highly advised. They are significantly essential in highlighting the property’s best assets. However, not everyone can come up with a truly amazing photo of a property. For some, it can be a bit challenging – but not for those who are ready to go for virtual renovation!    

Nowadays, virtual renovation has helped a lot of real estate agents to showcase their listings. This is a new trend that makes the real estate industry a lot more interesting. Just imagine seeing amazing slideshows of photos in a specific listing instead of boring, blurred, and low-quality picture collage. Furthermore, virtual renovation is far more cost-effective compared to actual renovation, that sometimes ends up buyers declining.

Benefits of Virtual Renovation

Let’s talk about the benefits of virtual renovation first...

#1 Virtual renovation, which we can also be called digital customization of a certain property, can include redecorating a portion of a house or applying changes as per the clients’ preferences. It will be easier to make amendments or adjustments to the designs when a client requests so.

#2 Virtual renovation is also observed to make properties sell faster. Although there are some buyers who still prefer actual physical staging, many are still interested to find properties through great presentations. It involves adding new tiles, new kitchen, new paint color, new appliances and furniture, and new styles of light fixtures.

#3 Virtual renovation is more budget-friendly. It is less expensive compared to traditional home renovation. That makes it a better investment for buyers and real estate agents. Instead of making renovations with expensive equipment and materials, a house staging company can utilize the power of virtual staging software to provide virtual renovation services, based on the specified budget range. For instance, it can be requested to add more modern-looking furniture in the living room, or a furnishing in the kitchen- all can be done digitally!

#4 Virtual renovation can effectively market your home online. When it comes to virtual renovation, using technology can do magic. It is actually a powerful tool to promote a listing and close deals with clients. Not only that, virtual renovation can drive more traffic to the listing and catch the attention of potential buyers.

#5 Virtual renovation can creatively give an idea on how to properly utilize the space when it comes to choosing the decors, designs, windows, floors, and other parts of the home.

 So, is virtual renovation worth it?

The answer is YES. It’s worth giving it a try. This strategy can help sell homes more effectively in a more cost-effective way. Especially now that virtual staging services are very popular and generating positive results, real estate agents should consider using it. This also enhances the buyers’ imagination on how they would like a space to look. They can request a house staging company to add the furnishings they want. They can also add instructions on where a fireplace should be placed, for instance. Furthermore, they can also request to change a specific area into something more awesome.

All it takes is a choice of the images to be used as a basis, a sense of creativity, and the professionals skills to make the magic of virtual renovation.

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