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Centennials And The Impact In The Real Estate Business

As per definition, centennials are the first generation born in this century.  They make up to 25% of the population in America and they have lived all their life in contact with technology and have minor or no knowledge about life without internet, social media or smartphones.  

In the past, people between 18 to 25 years old had no impact in the Real Estate industry as they had no interest, access, or enough money to afford a property.  Nowadays,  these digital natives have become digital creators, content producers, startup owners and have learnt how to make money at a short age.  Attracting these profiles to your Real Estate business is the key!

Having their attention caught almost exclusively by visual content, centennials look for their first home mostly online as they can have all the information they are looking for in just one click.  Attracting these potential buyers´ attention is not an easy task.  Empty rooms, dark images and poor content are what they mostly complain about.

Our Real Estate Marketing Briefcase and Virtual Services have shortened the bridge between what centennials look for and what realtors can offer to close a deal.  From banners to listing writers, virtual stagingtwilight services or virtual landscaping, our services can offer you a variety of solutions to be updated to what the market expects.

Be one step ahead of the market to impact the new generation! Visit www.vshmedia.com or email to hello@vshmedia.com to know more! 

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