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Top Tips For Giving The Best Real Estate Virtual Tours

Top Tips For Giving The Best Real Estate Virtual Tours

Many real estate agents are now employing the use of virtual tours to sell their homes. It allows people to assess the home virtually from the comfort of their own home. If you are also planning to give virtual tours, you are in the right place. 

Here are some of the best tips to ensure your virtual tour is a success.

Plan The Tour 

You should always plan the route of the tour before you start. Make sure you clear your entire path and get rid of any hazards that may cause you to trip. Planning this before the tour will help you stay on track and you will not be flustered when thinking about which room to show next. 

The entire tour should be fluid and in one single flow. That is why make sure your path is easy and does not require you to take out too much time for showing the home. Keep it simple and easy.

Adequate Lighting 

When you are using video-based technology, you need to ensure that you have enough lighting. When there is not enough lighting, the video quality will be poor and buyers will not be able to see everything properly. That is why you should make the most use of natural lighting. 

Open the curtains and turn on the lights of the home. The lighting should not be too much or too little. You need to strike the right balance to make sure your video looks perfect.

Write A Script 

Many people miss this part out when planning their virtual tour but it is one of the most important aspects. Writing a script will help you remember everything you want to market about your home. Once you memorize it, your virtual tour will become easier. 

While you speak, you will look more natural and comfortable. You will not have to think last minute about what to say as that can look unprofessional. That is why make sure you write a script during your planning stage.

Answer Questions 

Last but not least, you should always answer the questions of your audience. That is because your potential buyers will have many questions about the place that they will need answers to. Because of this, you should always be prepared to answer any questions. 

You can prepare for this by putting yourself in the buyer’s shoes and thinking of everything they might want to know about the home. It will allow you to be more prepared for anything they might ask. 

Final Words 

You can always combine a virtual staging with a virtual tour. Virtual staging photos are great for helping you increase your sales of the listing. That is why you should upload them on your website along with your tour. 

If you want a professional virtual staging company to execute this, then feel free to get in touch with VSH Media. We will be happy to provide you a successful virtual staging solution. 

For more information visit www.vshmedia.com or email us to hello@vshmedia.com

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