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How Virtual Staging Works: Things You Need To Know

How Virtual Staging Works: Things You Need to Know

You might be wondering how virtual staging works. Is it really effective in selling a property? Can it really persuade buyers to purchase from your listings? The answer lies in your deeper understanding on how virtual staging works. This is actually an interesting and a more professional way of virtual staging nowadays.

A Quick Glance about Home Staging

Staging refers to a marketing strategy where a home or a property is showcased to display its features and best qualities. It’s more attractive for buyers to see a home that is newly-furnished, well-painted, and amazingly renovated. In a 2017 survey by the National Association of Realtors, it was revealed that most real estate professionals considered staging to be a big help in increasing the sale price of real estate properties.

Virtual Staging is basically a process of enhancing digital photos of a property by utilizing graphics software and applications. For instance, you can add your preferred furniture designs into a room digitally. You can also have the walls painted with great colors or improve the appearance of your curb and garden - all done virtually! 

With the help of beautiful pictures, gorgeous interiors, and stylish designs, realtors can potentially sell properties to their buyers. Nowadays, modern, minimalist and contemporary designs are what buyers are looking for. It will be easier for them to create a realization of what they are imagining when it comes to the type of home they want to live in.

Traditional staging can be a good choice since the buyer will see the actual look and design of a property. However, putting actual and real furniture, paint colors, and elements on the property requires a big amount of money and effort. On the other hand, virtual staging can be a better option and up to 90% cheaper! 

Key Requirements For Virtually Staging a Property

Virtual staging of a property does not only mean you’re adding filters and elements on an image. It actually involves the professional skills and creativity of professionals to create amazing images to promote a property. Virtual staging comes with two major requirements:

Reference images - There should be reference images to serve as a basis and inspiration of the virtual staging images to be created. This will be used for comparison if the new image is closely similar to the reference designs. Editors from a virtual staging company will provide images with the features that will make the buyers interested to buy.

Professional photos
Virtual staging images are made more effective with the use of professional photos. These high-quality photos are required to make the elements, such as furniture, to be more realistic. Virtual staging company photographers are well-rounded at taking photos that will look best for any property. 

VSH Media Virtual Staging: How Does it Work?

Virtual Staging comes with the following process:

Step 1. Upload your chosen photo/s from your source (computer, free image sites, or from VSH Media app)

Step 2. Our skilled and talented designers will creatively and magically edit your images the way you want them to appear. They are also available for free revisions.

Step 3. Each image is checked and reviewed by VSH Media’s Quality Control Department.

Step 4. This is the final stage! Download your amazing images from your dashboard once they are checked, approved and ready to go. 

For more questions on how to avail our virtual staging services, contact us at hello@vshmedia.com or call 872-222-5653.

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