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Top Real Estate Marketing Trends to Watch Out this 2021

Top Real Estate Marketing Trends To Watch Out this 2021

2020 has been a year full of unexpected happenings, and the biggest and most chaotic of all is the Covid-19 pandemic which immensely affected a lot of businesses around the world and especially the real estate industry. And in order to cope up on the new ways to keep everything on the run, it’s also been necessary to face immediate transformations and make adjustments on real estate marketing strategies.

The property buying and selling  we all know and we are all used to are the face-to-face and on-site tours for interested buyers or sellers. But because there have been protocols implemented in order to avoid the spread of the virus, it’s not that easy to do it as it is. Just months after the virus has spread out worldwide, real estate industries have been sweeping. 

Luckily, technology is here to stay and continuously improving to help us get along with almost everything.

If you, too, are in the real estate industry and your business has been greatly affected just like any other, don’t lose hope yet and look forward to a new year that might just be totally different than it was this year with your business still on the run.  Here are some marketing strategies you should try to keep you business on the run for the coming new year!

Top Real Estate Marketing Trends to Watch Out this 2021

1. Digital Real Estate Marketing

  • Leveraging social media for real estate marketing has been a new norm for a lot of real estate agents this year and will surely be more effective for more years ahead. Almost everyone has their own gadgets nowadays, and surely almost everyone is using social media platforms for various purposes. Since everyone was forced to stay at home these days, most people have been spending their time on their phones, probably on social media sites - which makes it a great place to do promotions. 

There are real estate agents that were already spending time and effort on social media marketing - taking advantage of what it has to offer by creating compelling contents and ads of different forms. 


A lot of real estate agents have also proven that the use of different social media platforms is an effective way of brand building and lead generation, even before the pandemic started. So if it worked well before, this trend will surely be more effective in 2021.

2. Virtual Home Tours

  • Ever heard of VR Box? This gadget that was intended for gaming purposes before. But with the current situation that in-house visitation or on-site tours cannot take place due to strict protocols, VR boxes were considered to be of great help as an alternative for in-person visitations. This enables potential home buyers and sellers to take a tour of a property before purchasing or selling them without the risk of being exposed to the virus. It has been proven that it greatly helped real estate businesses get boosted and stay on the run during these times.

3. Email Marketing

  • Email marketing isn’t totally new but this is one of the most effective ways then and now when it comes to real estate business. This is one means of communication or update tool for agents to keep their clients updated and build engagement with them amidst the pandemic.

4. Aerial Shots by Drones

  • Drones as we know them were usually just used by videographers for hobby or business purposes. But the pandemic seems to have brought the creativity and resourcefulness out of us that we managed to find ways to survive and we were able to cope up using the tools we have around that were maybe intended for a different purpose before.

    These drones aren’t just for any videographers anymore. One requirement that a potential property buyer or seller is to see the neighborhood to know if it could be a safe place to live in or if it has a good environment, but community tours aren’t allowed these days, and that’s when drones comes in handy as they can be used to take aerial videos and photos of a property and the neighboring place it belongs to. This helps both buyers by simply having the footage shared along with the highlights before closing the deal.

    Offering real time experience to buyers and sellers through photos and videos captured by drones has been a reliable alternative while also saving time and mitigating the risk of in-person meetings. Who needs to go out and get exposed when you can simply watch it at home, right?

5. Virtual Staging

  • When we want to purchase something, we are used to seeing them first personally before deciding to pull out the money in our pocket. But with our current situation, how are we going to do that, right?


That is when the rise of virtual staging started. If you haven’t heard of it yet, it is one great strategy of home staging where the main goal is to give buyers and sellers the visualization of what they will purchase by means of creating highly realistic images through brochures, advertisements, flyers etc.

This is one innovative strategy that not everyone has heard of or not yet tried by many, which means competition isn’t that much yet and your business might just get boosted in no time. 

The year is almost ending and surely all of us have been praying for the same thing - to get things back to normal and live the life we used to have. 

But while we still cannot see the end of this, let us not give our hopes up yet and continue living. Don’t let what you started just go to  waste, especially when there are so many ways on how you can cope up - they are all just here to stay.

If you are interested with the 5th trend on our list, don’t hesitate to reach out to us and visit www.vshmedia.com to know more.

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