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What Makes a Good Virtual Tour?

What Makes a Good Virtual Tour?

Technology is truly changing the way everything works. Gone are the days when the buying and selling of houses depended upon old-school site visits. In the modern world, real estate agents are using technology such as virtual tours and virtual staging instead of actual visits. 

However, creating a virtual tour is not everyone’s cup of tea. Like everything else, virtual tours involve some technicalities that must be considered in order to provide a good experience for the potential home buyers. 

If you really want to make an attractive virtual tour, then it is necessary to consider a few important factors. Here are a few things that can make a good virtual tour:

Home Staging

Empty houses don’t seem to attract the most attention. When you don’t have furniture inside a home, it can become difficult to assume the size of the room or how many sofas would fit along the walls. Empty rooms are known to create many optical illusions with the eyes, which is why most potential home buyers are never interested in looking at virtual tours of homes that have no furniture. 

Even if you have an empty house with no furniture to sell, you can use virtual staging to put in some fake furniture. This smart use of technology allows you to showcase the house in a fairly attractive manner since you can maintain the perfect balance with furniture without overly cluttering the house.

Consistent Lighting

Have you ever noticed how the lighting of a room can change the way it looks? Well, the truth is that the type of lights you use have a huge impact on how big or small a space can look. If you choose lighting that is too dim, the place may look smaller than reality or have an uninviting appeal. Similarly, if you choose lighting that is too bright or sharp, the house may not look very attractive to the buyer. 

In order to avoid such problems, it is important to have consistent lighting throughout your virtual tour. This ensures that the potential buyer has a great experience through the tour without experiencing any sharp contrasts between the lighting of different rooms in the house. 

Self-Guided Tour

When a buyer visits an actual house, you would never be guiding them around the rooms to show. Instead, they would have the freedom to walk around on their own will. The same approach needs to be followed with virtual tours. Instead of creating a linear video, your virtual tour of a house should include the freedom to switch between different rooms and view the place from various angles. 

Remember that your virtual tour should replicate the experience of a real tour as much as possible in order to be truly effective.

Different Perspectives

When a potential buyer visits a home, they never look at one room from the same angle. Instead, they would look at it from the entrance, from the windows, or even from the closets. This is done to determine how and where they would place furniture, and whether or not the space is adequate for their needs. 

When you design a virtual tour, it is important to give your clients different viewpoints of the same room. This represents a human perspective which allows the potential buyers to have an efficient virtual tour experience.

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