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Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Staging & How It Works

Everything You Need to Know About Virtual Staging & How It Works

Real estate agents have always kept an eye out or better marketing techniques, virtual staging being one of them. It has been proven tremendously effective. However, it was only applicable to high-end properties up until the recent technological advancements. 

What is Virtual Staging?

To familiarize with the concept, virtual staging is the process of redecorating houses to appeal to more customers. Small changes in the “House for Sale” may not look like they are of importance. However, the details are what matter in the context of aesthetics. In addition, it has also become a method to increase the prices. 

Why is Virtual Staging Important?

Statistics have proved how quite a substantive number of buyers look up properties online. 

Traditional VS Virtual Staging

The two are widely contrasting phenomenon. The reason being:

  • Virtual staging has been made easier by technology and they cost less than $200, based on the service provider.
  • Traditional staging was quite over-expensive due to extra needs that needed to be taken care of, for instance: renting furniture and the wages of the workers reorganizing different rooms. 

How Does Virtual Staging Work?

To attract potential buyers towards your real estate listings, one must take pictures that are promising. This is done through hiring photographers and rearranging the furniture a little. However, they must be as close to reality as possible or it leaves a bad impression. The 3D virtual staging technology has also done wonders in the market by allowing people to show pictures that help gain attention of the buyers. 

Consumers are always looking for a better option in the market and virtual staging of properties makes use of that by enhancing the demographics in a way that is charming to them. Virtual staging is often used to highlight the multifunctional aspects of a property. 

Buyers of real estate are greatly enticed by expansive and airy rooms. A room may not be as big, but with the right amount of lighting, furniture, decorations and spacing, it can be made to look more spacious and open. 

On that note, decluttering the space is also deemed helpful. The last thing any buyer wants or needs is a place that looks too crowded. Crowd roughly translates to a mess, which is most likely not what the potential buyer wants – or the buyer may lose all interest in the said property. 

Clean and well-maintained houses are very much in demand, therefore renovations and the maintenance of the places can also either make or break the deal with the consumers. This paired with neutral colors of the decorations exudes grace and elegance. Even if people don’t go with complete neutral shades, the contrast needs to be subtle because the buyer’s’ nature may not match with the designs. 

The technique of using virtual staging to remodel houses artificially has changed the sales market immensely – both by making it easier for the buyers to envision themselves in their purchases and by making it easier for the realtors to make sales.

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