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Can You Really Persuade Buyers Using Pictures?

Can You Really Persuade Buyers Using Pictures?

You may already have heard the saying, “A picture paints a thousand words”. Using images is actually an effective way of storytelling. That is absolutely true and can be applied in marketing as well. Images are said to create an impact mentally and emotionally in about 1 milliseconds compared to reading a long sales pitch. Nowadays, there are various kinds of marketing graphics such as stock photos, branded images, GIFs, infographics, and user-generated content.


Why Do Photos Matter in Marketing?

According to Hubspot, “...marketing or ad copy without images is like ice cream without toppings … it gets the job done but it doesn’t quite excite you, does it? The same goes for text-only ads, blog posts, site pages, and more.”

The article also highlighted why using images is beneficial in promoting a product and services. These include:

-          Images that are breath-taking and memorable can make the buyers to remember the product for a long time

-          Images helps in creating better communication since it is observed that images are more powerful than text when it comes to marketing

-          Images can help generate sales, because they entice buyers to purchase

-          Images can make people more engaged with the offer through ads and other marketing materials

Today’s innovating photography trends and state-of-the-art cameras and tools for digital photo editing, creating high-quality images has never been so easy.

In an article published online, it has been stated that the rise of today’sa famous image-platforms is due to the advancement of the amazing photography trends. It also added,

“Along with this, smartphone users also have access to a whole host of filters to improve/edit their images, meaning that creating ‘perfect’ images can be done more quickly and simply than ever before which makes the user more compelled to share images (and “selfies”!) more than ever before.  As a result, Pinterest is the fastest growing social network today, and Instagram has grown to 40 million users globally in just two years, according to recent studies.”

In addition, a study shared by Trend Reports highlighted that image is everything when it comes to hooking people in social media.

A part of the study shared the following discoveries:

“Psychologically, consumers love imagery, and seeing visually appealing things creates positive emotions. Most people -- between 65 and 85 percent -- also describe themselves as 'visual learners,' forming meaning and organizing thoughts based on what they see more so than what they read. This explains the popularity of Pinterest, as more users choose to follow people based purely on the images they post, rather than on the user's profile or background. Further, the average Pinterest user spends about 89 minutes per month on the website, about the same amount of time as people spend on Twitter (but it's more impressive considering that Pinterest is still new on the social media scene).”

As the innovative trends and awareness on the benefits of using images for marketing, even the real estate industry finds a hidden gem on how to use it more effectively. There goes the birth of virtual staging.

This is Why Virtual Staging Rocks!

Using the power of photography, creative editing, and amazing imagination can help real estate professionals to sell properties better. Certainly, home staging can impact sales directly. But it can be better improved when it’s done virtually. Virtual staging is more cost-effective and you’re free to be more creative.

To see is to make yourself believe... so, you should see samples of images used for virtual staging. You’ll love these collections by VSH Media. Check each link to find out more.

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