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How To Make Rooms Look Bigger In Photos

One of the best ways to make a room look larger is to use virtual staging services is through real estate photography. It's all about angles and light placement, and if done correctly, this can make a room appear much more spacious than it really is and show enough space for virtual staging.

The goal of photography in real estate is not just to take pictures of the properties, but also to capture the emotion and energy that people have when they view them. These are then reflected in the pictures. The photographer's job is to get inside that experience and reflect it back onto paper or the camera lens so that it can be seen by others who might come across it on a digital platform. The perfect image plus the perfect virtual staging will definitely catch potential buyer´s attention!

The best way to make a room look larger in photos is to use as few items as possible. Keep the focus of the photo on one or two areas.  That way, there will be enough empty space for virtual staging in your house or office.

It's also helpful to use an aperture that is just a little bit larger than what you are used to, which will blur out the background and make it feel like your subject is standing in a bigger space.

And remember, you won't always need a professional photographer to take the best images of your property! The right light, angle and emotion can perfectly do the trick to have the best images for your listing!

Did you know? We offer professional photography services for $199 for up to 20 images, virtual staging and commercial virtual staging for your real estate images!

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