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Tips to Make Your Property More Attractive with Virtual Staging

Tips to Make Your Property More Attractive with Virtual Staging

When selling property, it should be kept in mind that the appearance of the houses plays an important part in picking the buyer’s interest. Statistics show 49% of the buyers are influenced by the aesthetics of the decorations of the property they are looking to purchase. 

A few helpful tips behind virtual staging include:

Stage the Important Places

This refers to staging the rooms that the buyer is the most inclined towards. These rooms hold superiority over the others in the eyes of the clients. Virtually staging all the rooms in the house equally may not be very convincing for buyers, so you should just focus on a few spaces that can attract the most attention.

According to reports, the superior rooms are the kitchen, living room and the master bedroom.

Remove Personal Items

De-personalizing the space helps the buyers feel like they have more space to bring in their own items. It also works great because they are inclined to think the space is their own. 

One of the ways to achieve this aspect is through adding a medium sized blank canvas to the room, removing all sorts of pictures and personal hygiene items etc.   

De-clutter the Places

As mentioned previously, space is what keeps the buyers interested. To de-clutter means to pack up a few things before you take professional photographs of your house for virtual staging. When a house looks clean and in order, it is much more appealing for potential buyers.

Cleanliness is Key

Keeping the house clean also helps you earn brownie points because everyone loves it when they don’t have to struggle with cleaning the house they are moving into.


If the buyers look at a house that is not in the best of shapes, it often lowers their interest in buying. Hence, to ensure your sales, repair every nook and cranny for the people who will be moving in soon. 

Nude is the New Cool

Use nude shades around your house to come off as elegant and soft. This means opting for neutral colored furniture and wall paint during the virtual staging process. Even though color in homes reflect on your personality, your buyer may not be of the same nature.

First Impression is the Last Impression

Making a good first impression is of immense significance. To do this, you can remove extra decorations, unnecessary frames and other items that may cause the buyers to turn away. You should also pay extra attention to adding attractive things to your home via virtual staging, such as brand new furniture or open curtains.

Go Green

Everyone loves a fresh house. To achieve that, you may include fresh flowers around the house during the virtual staging process.

Light is your Best Friend

A well-lit house is always a welcome sight. Open your windows and turn on bright lights. This will help your buyer look at the property with a clearer mind.

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