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Virtual Staging Trends

Virtual house staging is a popular trend in the real estate industry. It has very little to do with the actual staging of a house, which can be tedious work. Virtual staging is more about presenting a home to potential buyers in the best possible way without any of the difficult work of physical home staging. Home staging is a great option but may cost thousands of dollars and will take some time to stage. Our virtual staging is as low as $18 per image and we can have your images ready in less than 24 hours!

People have been using photos to sell homes since the 1930s. With the rise of social media, more and more people are using virtual staging especially during the pandemic.

Some photographers have taken this one step further, creating videos or 360-degree images that offer an accurate portrayal of what it would look like for a customer to walk through their property in VR.

It is no secret that buyers have an emotional response to a photo that is virtually staged versus an empty place. Disclosure is always a great idea and we’re happy to add a watermark to each photo at no cost, so buyers know before entering the actual property.

We’re happy to provide a free image to test us out! Just email us at hello@vshmedia.com and see how you can boost your listing’s visibility!

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